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ES short term trading 7-20-10

When i projected much lower prices,last weekend, few believed it. Everyone was looking for another 1100 test and higher. You probably wont believe what i feel comes next either! lol.. But enough macro crap, heres a snapshot of the near term ,going into the morning....
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trying for 70.75 front of peak volume node 60 minute
zero ticks...need that to break down..otherwise new highs will come and soon
2 more off at 72.50...have 3 left due to add on
Investor r/t showing a double top as per 30 minute on this bar but IB data not showing that on 30 minute bars....can any tell me whatthey have?? and soon..
I've got 1075 and 1074.75 for the 30 minute tops.
H for current 30m bar 74.75
H for prev 30m bar 1075.00

TS data
thanks..I like your answer becuase a double top on 30 minute gets tested too much

Little time at 70.50...c'mon..go fill it!!
Originally posted by Lorn

I've got 1075 and 1074.75 for the 30 minute tops.
Back to the trendline, now for the close???
I'm thinking down. Could be wrong.
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es 09 10 7202010 60 min10
two more off at 70.75...holding one
A little luck is good for the soul!

Originally posted by BruceM

two more off at 70.75...holding one
Thanks for the posts Bruce.

I'll leave you alone to gets some rest up for tomorrow.
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