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ES short term trading 7-22-10

Numbers for tomorrows day session:
1086 - 1087
1079 - 1080..HV
1073 - 1075 will fill and closing Vwap
1053- 1056


keep in mind we have singles from 70.25 - 74.25

Will refine them once we see what overnight brings
they see YD 's plan if reports rattles me is to be agressive up at 86 - 88...this looks good for bulls as much as I'd like it to roll over
82 need to get tested..for me to tighten..that's air pocket break.....still front of report is like gambling!!
6th higher green bar////! bulls are winning..obiously...$ticks slightly weaker but still no negatives.....gonna smoke ME perhaps!
this is a much better area for those who aren't me..
added CORE shorts at 88.25 print NOW I go into manage mode...!!
Volume is overwhelming to the upside from the open.

As you say Bruce, is it just short covering or actual buying.
trading for the 86 retest as that is pocket and a lighter short point..will add on 91. perhaps today I get smoked
1094.50 R1 range based.
they need to get under that 88 volume for this to work....
When projections from solid bottoms or tops get smoked through one needs to be careful fading.
OK, you got the explosive rally off of the 12-13 day low. If you go back and look at my charts you will notice the high never comes in untill day 5 at the earliest, more commonly day 6-8. Friday would be day 3 ,the way i count it. however you have this little demon to deal with....Closing tick +1238! And you know how i feel about that! I would not be surprised to see some back and fill tomorrow.certainly by the close mon! ... good trading all!!!
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