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ES short term trading 7-22-10

Numbers for tomorrows day session:
1086 - 1087
1079 - 1080..HV
1073 - 1075 will fill and closing Vwap
1053- 1056


keep in mind we have singles from 70.25 - 74.25

Will refine them once we see what overnight brings
You can see your 86 is the 1.618 projection for 1 min.
I try to think of all these trades seperately although it is hard...I will add for the triple trade above hour highs....
now this is STRESSSSSSS!! I will feel better if the triple trade works.......trying hard not to think about the money..and typing here helps me look away instead of panicking at every move...I know where the core sits..

Here is a 5 min chart with a MP profile over it. Its showing VAH right here at the highs. What does this say to you?

Click image for original size
in the back of my mind is the target when trips hold....that would be way up at 96 - 98....I will add if we get below 90.50 into 95 with good $ticks and I will have to start exiting for the loss on this .....
for now it means this trade is going bad/ worse...I'll address later...expanding value means trend..accepting higher prices

I'm certain nobody wants to see you fail. You add alot of value to this forum. I've been quietly trying to learn for weeks. At some point I hope to be able to add value here.
No hurry my friend. I suspected that is what it meant.

Originally posted by BruceM

for now it means this trade is going bad/ worse...I'll address later...expanding value means trend..accepting higher prices
fwiw, I've got 94.50-95.50 as somewhat signif price action resistance (and Daily R2 there) ... next stop would be 99.00-1100, but I'm liking the odds of a pullback or rollover from 95.00 area
Originally posted by Lorn

1094.50 R1 range based.

Figure we'll hit this?
Surpass it?
OK, you got the explosive rally off of the 12-13 day low. If you go back and look at my charts you will notice the high never comes in untill day 5 at the earliest, more commonly day 6-8. Friday would be day 3 ,the way i count it. however you have this little demon to deal with....Closing tick +1238! And you know how i feel about that! I would not be surprised to see some back and fill tomorrow.certainly by the close mon! ... good trading all!!!
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