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ES Short Term Trading 8-4-2010

Today's announcement's from the Economic Events page:

07:00 AM MBA Purchase Applications
07:30 AM Challenger Job-Cut Report
08:15 AM ADP Employment Report
09:00 AM 3-Yr Note Announcement
09:00 AM 10-Yr Note Announcement
09:00 AM 30-Yr Bond Announcement
10:00 AM ISM Non-Mfg Index
10:30 AM EIA Petroleum Status Report
The keys for me are what the O/N is confirming...that low volume area at 1112.50 and that 16.75.....if you snap one minute lines where all the volume spikes happened in Tuesdays day session you will see the common denominator of 1116.75...better than that is to look at the tick data.....

We need to also think about the Mon-Tuesday range concept like an hourly range...they will break a range this hopefully we will be on board for that break...

Inside day YD so we need to watch the volume for breakout clues and watch those O/N ranges
The other key number up top is 21.75 as that is naked 30 minute POC from YD,,,,I'm trying to short it but messed up .......ON high after that report is 21.50
My Tick data has a gap from 14.74 up to 17 even....14.75 is when all the volume came in from that this becomes my new improved experimental support zone...which also includes the evil 16.75 number
I'm hoping to get a short working in RTH with a first push up and use 18 as a first target. We may just still consolidate today. If they open and drop it down first then I will have to wait and see what happens at the 14.75 - 16.75 zone...that is my NEW support zone to watch
short 21.75.....hard part of this is thatthey tested 18 already
covering 3 at 20.25 as that is HV node....2 coming
short 24.50..peak volume...air below
1st target is 22.50 then 20.25
took one off at 21.75..that was POC as per time and key Volume from YD naked POC 30...need that to break down
we really don't want to see the next 30 minute period spend much time above that O/N high and especially YD highs....that would imply acceptance of price higher
I agree DT. Thanks for keeping the mypivots site what it should be!!
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