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ES Short Term Trading 8-4-2010

Today's announcement's from the Economic Events page:

07:00 AM MBA Purchase Applications
07:30 AM Challenger Job-Cut Report
08:15 AM ADP Employment Report
09:00 AM 3-Yr Note Announcement
09:00 AM 10-Yr Note Announcement
09:00 AM 30-Yr Bond Announcement
10:00 AM ISM Non-Mfg Index
10:30 AM EIA Petroleum Status Report
took one off at 19.75...watching the 20 - 21.50 for resistance....I have one I try to just exit at 18 or try and hold for that 16.75 number?
gonna try for the 16.75 for final..
flat at 16,75.print...If I had one more it would have tried for that 14.75 but this is an interesting spot now...watching to see if those O/N report folks buy it back up
20 - 21.50 is resistance..that was where the 10 am report folks came in and open..I'm looking to that to hold back the market rally and go for that 14.75...volume....

can't get too over bearish or bullish though as we are still stuck in O/N and YD range...that 16.75 was awesome...sure wish I bought Bruce pats self on back!!

Hour range trade....
Today's OR:

OR 5min 15min 30min 60min

High 1120.50 1121.75 1122.25 1125.25

Low 1118.50 1118.25 1118.25 1116.75

Range 2pts 3.5pts 4pts 8.5pts

Is 1125.25 going to be the HOD today???

YD's LOD was L of 60min OR
a true failed auction ( high breakout) will go all the way to the otherside...that would create an outside down daily the selling tail is a good sign for that but how can we be really sure?,,,buyers again stepping in at the 16.75 isn't a good thing for shorts.......I don'tthink they will do that agin so if we make new lows again it should be a good signal for the down OVB..or at least that 14.75 number...then 12.50

LOw voluem at 19.75 !!
sure wish I could find signals to buy off those areas...sometimes so foucsed on an idea, that I can't spot the reversal..

peak volume on this 30 minute is now as per volume all I see is 19.50, 24.50 and 14.75..just an FYI
Value area and developing Volume POC just lowered...which certainly isn't good for a bullish case..I'd like to be a seller above 19.75
I'm on the 20.50 short..triples below now
18.75 is my first target though..then triples
I agree DT. Thanks for keeping the mypivots site what it should be!!
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