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es short term 10-5-10

biggest thing to watch is if volume comes in above YD RTH high trspping shorts...otherwise they will drift it back to the 41.50 magnet.....

above is 46.75 and that old micro gap at 49.75...we are still

connsolidating...I'd be surprised if 41.50 doesn't print in RTH today

Report at 10 am...good volume at 39 area so the 39 - 41.50 will be key support and O/N air pocket there
everytime we peak under -500 Ticks they run it back up....

15 munte bars have one point ranges up here and near 52.50...ridiculous!
hr chart just looks like it needs to correct
not flipping until 54.25 and 53.5 lost
Ym finally hit last thursdays the real fun should start
need a weak 3 pm - 3:15 close to attempt to hold now.....reason is they FINALLY tested that previous 30 minute if buyers want it they will try to run it from there if able...$ticks seem to be breaking a bit but price isn't selling off much...they need to get it going and quick for me
most will be watching to see if we can close outside of 33.50 at 4:15

damn this is dull...I'd want bigger bars if I was a buyer above 33.50...not smaller and diminished volatility and volume....c'mon buyers show us the goods if ya got it...( as Bruce plays rocky music in the background)....NOT!
AAPL new hod
58.50 was 5 points off the key high...I obviously wasn't long to get that....just pointing it out.....

so this is last fade point if agressive
Originally posted by BruceM

everytime we peak under -500 Ticks they run it back up....

15 munte bars have one point ranges up here and near 52.50...ridiculous!

I like that TICK chart you posted earlier.....nice and large so u can see the range in proportion.

Fyi.....I believe (haven't checked my chart) that 1159.75 was the HOD on the May 6 "flash crash"......
most don't step back far enough to see the forest from the trees while trading....we need context...I'm not convinced of todays buying...why did volume disappear after we broke the key levels?

Big volume came in morning not afternoon...

Only ES closed above last Tuedays bracket high...slightly...Ym closed below....NQ never traded above it!!! suspicious!

Trade what you think..
new 10 and 20 day highs in S&P and advancers over decliners somewhere close to 6 to 1.....huge closing $tick...doesn't seem that there can be much power left for a big move tomorrow UP...

keys for me are 56.50, 51.50 and 46.50....a run above highs will try for the 61 - 63 area but not expecting that...hopefully just a slow drift down..
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