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ES Short Term Trading 12-8-10

Just to kick off the topic with what I've got on an ES 30-minute chart showing PASR levels in Blue with the light dashed lines being Wkly Pvt levels. Merely a "map" coming into Wednesday's trading. Also, am posting from TradeStation charting, the Weekly Volume at Price HVN price areas from RTH. Not much changes in price levels from last posting of my charts. Hope some folks find this useful!

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es 30m sr for 12810

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es rth vol at price hvn for 12810
trading for 24 retest off 25.75......this third and last try on short fade for now....will pirce attract back to the 22.75 or make new highs to go back uo to 28 volume?.....we shall see
Still have shorts being held as per cum delta readings from the 28.75 turn and the wipe out of O/N longs at 17.25 but price still hasn't visited 17.25 so if those early RTH shorts decide to cover price will rise quickly to test 28.75, otherwise lower prices seem next in line. How is that for uncertainty!!!? LOL

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footprint 12082010
If prices cant hold here around 1223 (the 13 min vwap) theyre likely to go to least . i
ll likely try a long around 1221.25.
gt my 22.75...holding! hopefully u saw the hidden air inside 60 minute range
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hoping now they try to keep this symetric off the 25 - 26 go back to center and fill in volume....
lorns chart shows it well with that low volume inthe expecting 24 to revist again is a good idea unlsee the volume comes in to spike us out of range
perfect...once again the hidden air fills in 23.75....
will keep selling and small until new highs...if they come..otherwise 26 sells or higher are prefered to target 24 area..eventually they will bust it free and we will lose so keeping it small just in case
those who are trying buy the breakouts will cover if it gets back below 25.75 and hopefully help fuel our decline and if they are right they will buy more above that 27.25 high.....I will lose there too...

so this needs to go quick.....odds of some kind of move increase the more we consolidate
BINGO...1125.00 .. NICE DAY OFF TODAY.. Good luck trading to all! (actual exit was 1125.25)