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ES Short Term Trading 12-8-10

Just to kick off the topic with what I've got on an ES 30-minute chart showing PASR levels in Blue with the light dashed lines being Wkly Pvt levels. Merely a "map" coming into Wednesday's trading. Also, am posting from TradeStation charting, the Weekly Volume at Price HVN price areas from RTH. Not much changes in price levels from last posting of my charts. Hope some folks find this useful!

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es 30m sr for 12810

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es rth vol at price hvn for 12810
Hi KB. It is good to hear from you again. Kool's Tools are still working well for crude and nat gas. Thanks again.
Here is the developing weekly profile. 1228 LVN just above.

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they want YD leftover trips
that huge one minute down bar from YD had big volume...gonna take a lot to push over 30 selling into that bar is still the plan for me
resistance t 28.50. Objective at 32.
air pocke trying to form above adding
due to add on I'm scaling out at 25.25 that is OR high but trying to hold three.... gap then new in range though so don't expect a quick drop...runners have their work cut out
did anyone see the third one minute bar today creates it's own air pocket...stumbling block....

and welcome KOOLIO.......closing $tick idea kicked in on Friday.that rocked

hope u r well...
trying to get 23.50..that is 4 pm close
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BINGO...1125.00 .. NICE DAY OFF TODAY.. Good luck trading to all! (actual exit was 1125.25)
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