ES 3-17-11

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Here is the weeks developing RTH profile.

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Posted - 03/16/2011 : 14:20:35
buying 1241.75, but scared to death!..... LOL YA GOTTA LOVE IT! Right on the key number ,wrong on the day! yeaterdays low of 1243.25 was confusing to me as i had no projection there! Even from the shorter term charts. And a 25 handle rebound so far overnight. So far,so good. Gonna get some sleep. C YA!
KoolBlue. I see you're using an indicator with a cum tick intraday chart. Can you please tell me at what numbers the red and green lines are marked and how do you use the indicator. I appreciate your response.
Ps. you did a great job predicting the market
The numbers aren't changing except for the addition of the 47.50..and I'm changing the 62 to a 62 - 63 zone....heres what I'll be using today based on volume...

Numbers I'm watching based on volume




1284 ***



1268.25 - 1270 *****

1262- 63

1254 - 1255

Looking to sell into rally today - first short @ 1269
reports in 6 minutes Stevo...just an FYI
A look at VWAP and CD after the spike of the news.

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I'm sending this out there not as an excuse for my lack of tact this week but as a request for some good vibes to be sent towards a family member.

I have an Uncle, my mothers brother who lives in Kyoto, Japan. He's been there for the past 45 years teaching English and retired two years ago. He travels around a bit with his wife but Japan is his home. We have yet to reach him since the earthquake.

So for those who pray or send out good thoughts to the universe, perhaps you'll send out an extra "shout" for my Uncle. I'm sure he'll turn up but he's usually better at respodning to email.


working a 72.50 short for the 70 retest.....small in O/N...Vol divergence after that report
a good day to study inside the previous days range and trade on both sides of the open ..multiple times...

and that 68 - 70...still like a giant magnet...look how they tried to push it up and away from there again and the volume just died on the third one minute bar....up

I'm referring to the break away they just tried at 3:45 EST...