ES Short Term Trading for 3-21-2011

Thought I'd go ahead and launch Monday's ES goodies for folks to add to. Posting my Monkey MAP of the ES June contract, 30min bars for 20 days. The Red lines are potentially significant PASR levels with Magenta as semi-significant. The Whitish dashed lines are the Weekly Pivots. The 2 Yellow lines are a Fib Cluster that stood out to me in that zone. And fwiw, I also included in Green, an Andrews Pitchfork since it "felt" right for what I was looking at. The right vertical Blue lines are Volume at Price. Hope this is a helpful MAP to folks!

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es 30m sr for 32111

Lots of lines ... but I'm showing roughly 100 points with this particular chart.
Larte orders,for lunch hour at least
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2011 03 211243
moved my target to 1290. Thank Bruce for the guidance.
gotta be careful because 90 - 91.50 was the previous volume zone and the O/N high
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2011 03 211505
that's cool that you are showing that gives folks a view of how volume is the attractor......that 1293.50 - 1294 area was created at 9:47 this morning EST with th ebig volume surge at that time...and us smart ( LOL) volume players have been able to use it since it's creation....those who wait join the party miss opportunities...

so waiting for VPOC's and vwaps has it's detriments many days
I find that the 24-hr VWAP works well too. Does anyone here use day time VWAP?
just a reminder that it is rare to NOT break an IB high or IF YOU think you have the right direction it is a viable target...of course now that I said that it won't happen...HA!.
came out @ 1290.50

4.5 points plus today.

Thanks everyone for the guidance.
10K bears could not push market down. Struggle today
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2011 03 211530
nice trade raj

JP Morgan was a big Buyer today , he/they bought > 90ish LONG with over 2.000 Contrats alltogether again and again...Audiotrader i listen the big one 250,- $ ES Contract for 1 Point. So 1 Point was worth 500.000,- $ and thats realy big Numbers for JP .

@ Koolble , MonkeyMeat, Bruce and all the fine People here : THANK YOU GUYS i learn so mutch here that no any book can teach me and sory that i have not the Knowledge to share also here but i love it every Day moore and moore to be here !!!