ES numbers for 4-12-11


1323.50 ****


1310.50 - 1312.50 **** critical for O/N to hold this one..reports in early AM too !!

lets see what the O/N deals us///
trying 105.5 long
right down to the area i mentioned 305.25 buy order was hit twice and not filled... oh well, i would be geting out at 307.5-8 had i gotten in

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stopped on the 2nd half...if 308 is taken out i see 305-305.5 as possible next stop
Good call on that 5-5.50 zone apk

need to see some buyers come in here above 1307.00.
no buyers- it seems PT- well not yet
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no buyers- it seems PT- well not yet

Yeah , so far just piling a ton of volume up in the 1306.00 to 6.75 zone
trying to get out 7.50
usually, some sort of a bounce when the 618 extension of the Monday range is hit (618 Extension down = 1308.81, there was a boune to 1311)

But if 618 extension prints, odds about 8 in 10 that full extension will print (monday range subtracted from Monday's L, that would be 1303.75.

see if 1308.75 area acts like resistance.
Originally posted by palmer

trying to get out 7.50

Nice work there Palmer. Took a bit of patience to wait out that congestion zone.
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Taking one more stab at a Long here at 8.50...

Rode out the entire flush lower and finally exited here at 1309.00.

1310.00 still looks possible, maybe even the VWAP still higher.
Brooks says if markets try a direction twice and fail, often reverse, so if Price doesn't break lower, move above 1308.75 would now be short-term squeezy
thanks for the explaination