ES numbers for 4-12-11


1323.50 ****


1310.50 - 1312.50 **** critical for O/N to hold this one..reports in early AM too !!

lets see what the O/N deals us///
Bingo on the 1310.00 touch, VWAP came down to it as well...
lorn, whenever you have a chance, can you please post your cum delta chart? just want to compare it to mine....deciding between data vendors here...thanks !
Here you go APK.

Click image for original size
thanks a lot, you use dtn/iq feed ?

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thanks a lot, you use dtn/iq feed ?
I sold the midrange trying for 08.50...tryingto front run the cookie cutter trade folks
sorry that was late froze up on me.....sold the 10.25 as that was midrange and developing VA high was/ is was planning to add.....08.50 is peak volume now...

If there is anyone who doesn't know the cookie cutter MP trade than let me know and I'll explain it....
I plead ignorance about the cookie cutter.
trying new short at 10.75...lighter as they may be done with 08.50..
It's a standard MP trade Paul...when we break out of the Hour lows and create lower value from the day before, then us MP traders will try to sell the DEVELOPING Value area high...with the big ASSumption that value will still remain lower

Dalton words it well when he asks " Will price revert back to value or will value be pulled up/down to price"

the challenge with many of these "standard" ideas is that they have been exposed through the internet....but they are still valid ideas

for me I'm watching that OR range if they can push it that high...

there is still a missing tooth in the profile at 09.50....we'll see from here
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I plead ignorance about the cookie cutter.
thanks for the explaination