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ES numbers for 4-12-11


1323.50 ****


1310.50 - 1312.50 **** critical for O/N to hold this one..reports in early AM too !!

lets see what the O/N deals us///
I'm also not expecting to just rally back through this key 10.50 - 12.50 zone... but hey..this is the market it will do what it needs to do..
I really need to see this pick up steam below 11.25 price or this gonna be a loser...that is current VA high
and there was just a subtle shift up in the DVA...which isn't in theory good for shorts....we'd want value area to be dropping not rising...
flat at 11.25....just don't like it
short 13.50...last try for today...
targeting 11.75.....that is DVA high and just at OR low
gotta get back under OR low..critical at this 12.25.....stop tightened
now if we can get back under 11.75 then I will think about shorts once more...profile is still a bit loose with 10.50 and that 9.50 area needing some work..but that OR range is still in the way for us shorts!!
can someone post a chart that shows cum delta and contracts at bid/ask
What do you mean by "contracts at bid/ask"?

Originally posted by PAUL9

can someone post a chart that shows cum delta and contracts at bid/ask
thanks for the explaination
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