ES Thursday 9-15-11

I see three distinct bell curves that I want to try and work from in the overnight ( if time permits) or the Thursday days session. I'll start with the low volume that looks most important at 1177.25- 1178. That is really the lowest volume hole that is surrounded by high volume on both sides of it.

so the high volume above that comes in at 83.25 and the low volume that comes in above there is at 87.50.

working my way down I see high volume at 69 - 70 and then low volume down near 65.25. That number I thought the market would retrace to as long as we didn't come outside the IB high so that is still in play.

then we have a minor high volume node at 62.50 but I'd prefer to use the low volume down near the 58.50 area.

above 87.50 I'd be interested in the 92.50 low volume area.

as usual the specific extremes of ranges are alwasy important but those are obvious so I'm not bothering to type them in.

lets see where the overnight numbers fall to confirm our areas.
prefer sells with this higher open and using 1192.50 as a key first target in day session

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i trade into extreme resistance numbers- that's all- just like how cool trades into 2.6 fib extensions-
i am taking profits @ 1192.50 that's R2 resistance
1193.50 key level for the day
1198,1200,1204,1206,1211,and 1222 are upside targets/ s/r levels.
I think 1206 will be the test if it gets there.
Below 1193.50,weakness and am low and O/N low.
I have a line there on my chart. It can dance around it,but not forever.
Out here +6.5
trying to get runners to hit 87.75 before the stop out at ...that is slightly above next key number for me ...10 am report will see a quick 4 -5 point move and it is gambling to be in the market in front of that..considering we don't know which way it will go !!
peak volume building at our 92.50 number...just filled in micro gap at 91.....symetric profile leading into report
post report is gonna do the quick push to 97 or 87 and quick!! fun stuff
what kind of muted reaction was that...?? I don't like that poor high at 96...I will look for sells above there near 97.
on the 97.50 and trying to target 94...keeping it tight as the round number of 1200 is close to push to..
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