ES Thursday 9-15-11

I see three distinct bell curves that I want to try and work from in the overnight ( if time permits) or the Thursday days session. I'll start with the low volume that looks most important at 1177.25- 1178. That is really the lowest volume hole that is surrounded by high volume on both sides of it.

so the high volume above that comes in at 83.25 and the low volume that comes in above there is at 87.50.

working my way down I see high volume at 69 - 70 and then low volume down near 65.25. That number I thought the market would retrace to as long as we didn't come outside the IB high so that is still in play.

then we have a minor high volume node at 62.50 but I'd prefer to use the low volume down near the 58.50 area.

above 87.50 I'd be interested in the 92.50 low volume area.

as usual the specific extremes of ranges are alwasy important but those are obvious so I'm not bothering to type them in.

lets see where the overnight numbers fall to confirm our areas.
that was great bruce
thanks , I just finished replying to your email just now..
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that was great bruce
Do your calcs include volume from the overnight session, cause I am getting slightly different numbers.

my main volume numbers usually come from the previous day sessions and I use the overnight to confirm those areas. Today was a perfect example of how the overnight really matched up well with the numbers i created from yesterdays day session alone. If we have a big move in the overnight then I will make sure I know those key points....especially if the move happens outside the previous days range.

A good example is this: A high volume node that happens over night outside of the previous days range means more to me than a high volume node that happens overnight inside the real time range of yesterday,

They same would be true about low volume nodes: Do they form in the overnight outside of the previous days range? That means something.

The numbers I posted yesterday were only created from yesterdays real time range as there is more volume in the real time session. The overnight confirmed all those areas almost perfectly.

I hope that helps...let me know if it needs clarification as I can't always put into words what I am thinking very well!

I'm basically trying to put all the data together and come up with areas of interest. Low volume is most important to me and it represents the fact that one side ( buyers or sellers) won and beat the other side. Even if it's only for a little while.

let me also clarify that I do watch the low volume areas from the overnight even if they form inside the previous RTH's just that I give low volume outside the range more meaning..
unless we see a big spike in volume, this market will attempt to go fill in the 90.25 area again as that is low volume sandwhiched between high volume nodes....

the va high was 83.75 so buyers front ran that number by one tick
yep they ran infront of that VAH by 2 ticks- Nice bounce off that level indeed
i'm shorting very small into 93.50 with a target of far this day is symetric but value is building above yesterdays above 95.75 is my awareness zone to think about taking the loss
i consider this a fairly agressive trade as all the key levels have been tested and we are inside the 60 and 90 minute what is really left ??
Bruce where would you consider being the IB area (ive been reading??
There were no single print trades today and no new single prints were created.