ES Friday 9-16-11

ES finally moved above 1198 and in it's way to 1250.
The numbers posted last night worked well today, with the ES closing in the 1202 objective area.

For tomorrow, Friday, Sep. 16, I have the following:

Buy above 1208.75
with 1212 / 1218 / 1224 / 1229 / 1235
as outside objectives.

Sell below 1203.00
with 1198 / 1191 / 1181
as downside objectives.

Will see how the above numbers works out in the night and day session.
I usually keep my protecting stop between 1 and 3 pts, (Your call)

The above numbers work best from S/Rs and Fibs.

Will see, in due time the market will show us the way.

Good luck and good trading
The reaction to Cons. Sentiment took the price to 1214.50 - Sept 1st POC ( ESU11 )
I agree Palmer...I had that small 06.50 in O/N but had 09.50 and 12.25 ( should have been higher...crappy fill...must be my error)and closed it all at 07.75.....

The reason I didn't try to hold is they love to test back into that one minute bar that is generated when THIS PARTICULAR report hits

which they are doing now !!!
they range you mentioned 16-17.50 isthe area I am looking at now
Yesterday it rained all day so I was trading more it's a great work day for building a shed here in I'm getting outside for some freash air and move away from this screen....I hope all have a great day and weekend

and ther is a gap at 11.25...they will fill it so get short now!!!!
going small for that for the at 13.50...very small....don't want to give much back
these are the torture trades so getting out at 11.50 if it prints soon
I stopped out early for 2 points- sitting on hands hoping for a good set up to go positive
Trying to learn to be patient like Bruce :)
that's the show for me today.....could someone who uses kools projections post some of the longer term chart( 15 minute or 30 minute) projections . I think there are lots of new folks who visit that who could use some good examples on those ideas with the terminations etc......

anyway those would be a nice addition to these daily threads
well, I made a few errors today and was a bit stubborn. I'm still at a bit of a crossroads between my old enrty method of scaling in and my new method of taking many small losses and trying again......overall I'd have to say that many small losses is much better as it works in large volatility......

that's what is so cool about the markets.....we learn so much about ourselves....hope all do well today...c ya!!

Originally posted by palmer

Trying to learn to be patient like Bruce :)
Market Profile Single Prints summary for today for ES Z1. There was a single print from 9/1 at 1205.75 which would have been a short price if we had opened below it. Because we opened above it was considered filled.

The market created a single print in the F bracket today at 1205.25 which would have triggered a short when the market moved back up to this price which would have been stopped out for a 4 point loss.