ES Thursday 9-29-11

I thought that we could use a refresher and some basics in case we have some new folks here. Most will know this stuff but hopefuly this will inspire some questions or help clear up any questions regarding the use of high and low volume in your analysis. Here is todays chart with the key areas labelled for Thursdays trade.
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this is not Big Mike from " Big Mike's trading forums " is it ?

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Thanks Bruce, I knew I wasn't the only one doing some homework this morning-LOL

Look how this guy trades NQ (Nasdaq futures): <redacted>

He captures a huge amount of the market.

Some day trading example recently of ES. Imo there are 10-20 opportunities a day, everyday. Note the 150 projection / liquidity squeeze targets.
IMO trading open or closing sessions is very important. Keep it simple buy and sell discounts target 150 (distribution poc) and liquidity (unfinished pivots).
use strikes and strike pocs as thats where institutional hedging will exist. And watch what growth funds are doing. What do you guys think? i like 100 volume charts.

Really helpful! i have been looking for a basic model of information for volume and this is perfect :)
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