ES Thursday 10-6-11

Here is a recap chart from Wednesday. I'm going to get the date right tonight. Very instructive day and was hoping we'd have some good examples this week. You may want to reference Mondays and Fridays chart to understand this a bit more as those "bell curves" interacted nicely with todays trade.
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yes Richard because it didn't hit in RTH...
long in rth at 30.50...a bit agressive as signal isn'tthe strongest but air above and they want to come back for 33.75...I hope..
it would be a low probability if they don't come back for the 33.75 at they blew through it and an air pocket is above...
this gonna do it as CD has diverged...better longs now!!
CD is on my chart that I can't post ...that new low made a low but CD didn;t
34.50 is also LV
that 34.50 has LV from yesterday and today
They should give this a work out to fill in a bit
just went flat at 35.50...hope everyone saw them fill in the air pocket...
a very common pattern: they know where the VA high they blow through it and create an air pocket and run out all those players who blindly buy at the va high without knowing order flow..
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thanks !

My pleasure NickP.