ES Thursday 10-6-11

Here is a recap chart from Wednesday. I'm going to get the date right tonight. Very instructive day and was hoping we'd have some good examples this week. You may want to reference Mondays and Fridays chart to understand this a bit more as those "bell curves" interacted nicely with todays trade.
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future...just look up!
I still have Lv 40.75 41.00 from today
49.75 Lv area to
Bruce you short this move ?
Capitalista and Lisa P. have the same numbers 1156.00 and they where derived differently. I also have 1156 as S/R, so we have a cluster in this area. It's most likely we will have some small zigzags there.
Capitalista, I also have 1162 as fib. extensions. and 1163.00 as S/R so there's a target cluster there.

Right now the support to play to the outside is at 1148.00.
Below 1148 next support is at 1143.00.

ES now trading 1152.25 @ 12:28

Will see, in due time the market will show us the way.
Della...why would I be short ? I don't trade off of high volume nodes....I'm not trading anymore today...just got back in from playing with my lunch time

single prints at 48.75 and Low volume at 47.50 for those trying to fade up here...also at 41 area like Della said too..
Futurestr8tr...did u find what u needed.?..let me know if you don't

You would need to go to Mondays thread for Fridays numbers....fridays thread for thursdays numbers etc..
sean..this is more of a trend day as we have not tested any previous 30 minute bars lows......YET !! we will but who really knows when??
we have two sets of single IF I was tradingnow, my bias would definately be back later...hope all do well if trading through lunch..
Im sorry i thought 54. was a low area 48, was a Lv from 9/29th and today i show it
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thanks !

My pleasure NickP.