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ES Thursday 10-6-11

Here is a recap chart from Wednesday. I'm going to get the date right tonight. Very instructive day and was hoping we'd have some good examples this week. You may want to reference Mondays and Fridays chart to understand this a bit more as those "bell curves" interacted nicely with todays trade.
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for channel traders

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2011 10 061434
I have 57.25 as the actual close price Lisa....
thanks Bruce
That is very true, and is always a difficult thing trying to determine a developing profile.

If the p shape continues through the end of the day, finding a good number in the tail will be key support for bulls tomorrow.

Originally posted by BruceM

Lorn, my concern is that the peak volume price has now flipped up so now peak volume is inside of That key is above the price is being accepted in there....
I'm always trying to fiqure out the ellusive VPOC shifts and what makes some "work" and others don' latest brain storm is to try and fiqure out if we need the VPOC to shift higher inside and above a low volume area from a previous day to have meaning....or would it be better to have VPOC shift and be above the key days this case VPOC would need to be above the 1154 number..

I must admit my brain is hurting on that's no wonder I prefer the morning trade...just kicking back now...initiating trades in the middle of that bell curve you point out is high risk and not worth it to me....
I am under impression that VPOC usually refers to the previous day(s) POC that have not beeen tested, and not the shifting POC of the current day.
could be...some use NPOC for Naked POC .. I was refering to Volume point of control..(VPOC).don't these traders know that we need a standard ??
Not everyone has volume histogram. lots trade TPO only , as that is all their Profile indicator shows. I never had volume profile before I got M-Delta
old gap closed, mission accomplished. But not before they "Prep-H-ed" many traders
The website hypertext describes VPOC as you have stated Lorn so I will refrain from using that term here
Originally posted by NickP

thanks !

My pleasure NickP.
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