ES Thursday 10-6-11

Here is a recap chart from Wednesday. I'm going to get the date right tonight. Very instructive day and was hoping we'd have some good examples this week. You may want to reference Mondays and Fridays chart to understand this a bit more as those "bell curves" interacted nicely with todays trade.
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Key level is 1132 per 9/27 post.It held in O/N but that's easily done.
I can see both ways but in a downtrend bear market. Spike possible but needs to hold 1132 and break 1151,1160,1175,etc...
Down, then up,possible but puts 32 back in the play and no hope below that level.
1114 below but 1120 the target if breaks.1100,1090 and week low below.

Would caution all not to ride losers today or tomorrow. Very sharp moves probable. Account protection! Defense.
we know in the day session they will try to push towards a low volume spot so use that to your advantage....if you were long under 31 or 33.75 in the day session..( if we opened in rth below them) then you can use them as targets....I'm just trying to present the ideal trade ideas with low volume...
I don't do news but watch AAPL.
375 the pivot to me.
Has to regain 386/88.

Down target for ES is 1030 if week low breaks.
I like that 37.50 for targets but not trade initiation
that 37.00 is the highest VOL from this morning 20000 contracts
Oh Man..Richard...u r getting all the secrets....well done.....u see it...
Now im in 5th grade
Sorry, that down target should be 1020 if week low lost.
bruce the 31.00 33.00 area now is that still active?since we went there once ??
41.50 is not only yesterdays highs but that low volume area I mentioned in post one chart today...I still think that is a bit agressive of an area low volume zones have hit yet in in 7 minutes
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thanks !

My pleasure NickP.