ES Wed 10-26-2011

i would not trust these numbers. i am new at picking key numbers. also i dont know how you people post and trade at the same time. my hat is off to you. just maybe someday i could do the same.

ok here what i got


take care
are you using market delta duck??
that 36 ,37 area was given a hell of a work out yesterday
i am not really sure..i have been train to look across multi time fames..(5min up to 60min)..draw horitional lines to pick out the numbers..i am just learning to put the volume into those these numbers match up with market delta numbers?

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what software are you using??

07:00 AM MBA Purchase Applications
08:30 AM Durable Goods Orders
10:00 AM New Home Sales
10:30 AM EIA Petroleum Status Report
01:00 PM 5-Yr Note Auction
i am using web base live charts from e-signal.

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moving up to target of 40 area see if we can get there
Bruce you there
Bruce took tht 39.00 araea taking 1 off at top of yesterday 37
looking for 34 for a few runners
Y, I agree.. it turned out to be a wash trade for me... I shorted 2 at 38/38.75, took one off for a nice profit, added 1 again back up and got stopped out on both....

the primary reasoning was LV, HOD and DX was basing with strong ledge support underneath so a runaway to the upside seemed less likely to me but got stopped out never the less...

BTW - a few other traders got 42.50 as a number, one was an old POC from Dec2010, another had doubles up there... My question is are doubles significant? Are old POC and value areas going that far back still potent?