ES Friday 11-4-11

Here's my updated Monkey Map of 20-days worth of 30min chart action displaying All Trading Hours as a for what I'm looking at coming into Friday. The Red lines are potential significant PASR levels with Magenta lines being semi-significant. The White dashed lines are the Wkly Pivots. The right vertical axis shows 20 days of Volume Profile in Light Blue. The background displays RTH in Blue with "after hours" in Gray. As always, I hope this is helpful for some folks.

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es sr map for 11411

With the mkt being so news driven lately ... gotta take the levels/zones with a grain of salt and watch what price action is doing when it nears any ZONE.
flat with 1 point loss
have a nice week end to all i am done.
C,mon guys, you're all doing great with your posts, some may lack a little clarity and it needs for the reader to look a lil deeper into them ,(maybe trying to understand the posters style of communication is key here... I'm sure even bruce's beginning posts (way back in the early days of this forum)may have needed work compared to his present great standards and what a benchmark they now are for us all to aspire to now..I for one, know that all posters posts on here are helping me understand the markets and trading methods much better than before I joined (if you look @ any posts of mine and their style of communication you can easily see my lack of experience with certain trading ideas) the best any of us can do here is improve on what we have to start with,(and the way we communicate on here is the first step, its great when others critique our posts,as long as it is honest and positive, and given and taken in the same light) and remember, its the internet, so the tone of some posts are easily misinterpreted..(nothing seems to beat good ole fashioned face to face conversation)
So, that's my 2 bobs' worth, hope its taken on a positive note...
Warm regards and top trading Brent.T
have nice week end im gone
My friend is long from 41 and still holding.. He thinks its going to close gap.... it looks that way now...
Your post above is COMPLETELY useless. Pls get with the program and dont past post winners even if they are your friends. Who cares!! And who cares about your friends market call without any reasons. It looks like you are going to put me on vacation from this site.
no worries, I doubt I'll be posting much...
i agree with rburns

tradezilla, no offense but who gives a flying monkey what your friend is doing ? you seem to be a smart guy, so why don't you keep your posts to a minimum (that is the opposite of maximum) and try to fill them with the type of content other forum members offer...look at lorn's posts, big mike, monekey meat, lisa, etc etc...those are the posts people here find educational, and none of them follows the same trading strategy, so it is not a question of just posting about one methodology

if you don't have anything substantial to say just don't post anything...nobody will be mad at you if you don't post 10-20 times a day
I see the market differently.. but its all good, not trying to be a nuisance.. Its a bit confusing but its fine..
Whats confusing?
Posts levels or prices that you are going to trade at, with reasons.
Before not after the trade..........
Those "past posting winning trades" you're referring to were hardly meant to show off if that's how you read into it though I don't see how... You want me to predict trades in advance before they set up but many factor cannot be predicted and most of us see the same MP levels so there is no need to repeat those.. Imagine if I called out a trade in advance and someone gets stopped out............