Looking for trading partner for ES on profit sharing basis


I'm looking for an experienced ES trader who trades ES using pivots and fibonacci S/R lines with tight stop loss (daytrading).

I'm looking for someone who can make atleast 25 points per Week.

I can share 50% of the profit made.

If anyone is interested please PM me, we can talk.

I reached out to Grednfer again.. I'm willing to proceed.
Thanks for the update Jedi. I would like to hear Grednfer's response to this as well. Perhaps he was just bluffing with his proposal ? If you do hear anything else back, please update us here. Thanks again.
Sorry for not checkin in....been busy.

I think Jedi and I exchanged a few PMs and Emails and he has my name and business phone.

The problem here is mine. I don't feel comfortable doing business with anyone where their only disclosed identity is Luke Skywalker.

Whenever I'm doing or trying to do business with someone, the FIRST thing I give them is my contact info....via business card or email. I did with Jedi, he did not reciprocate....and I can't do business with alias' or avatars. I didn't seen any reason to cause anyone any embarassment.

The business that I'm in is a REGULATED industry, and when people won't give me their name there's usually a good reason for it.

Im still looking for the average of ES 2 points per day. But there has to be a real person and content behind the acceptance of the challenge.

I think have a better idea, I don't have time to write it up right now, but I'll try to get to it over the week-end.

Have a good week-end!

I called you yesterday and sent another email asking when we can chat and have not gotten a response yet.

When you asked for my name and contact information in your previous email, I replied and said that was not a problem after we chat live on skype and gave you my skype id. I never heard from you and assumed you were not interested or serious.

Of course I don't have any problems giving you my information but it should be done after we chat and not prior BECAUSE we don't know the terms and expectation. I think that's very reasonable.

From my perspective, I don't know if this is a legitimate offer or just something to see for kicks.. At this point, we don't know if there is any business to be done yet so my information is not important. The most important information we need now is can I do this and if I can, can/will you fund? Why don't you just contact me on Skype and we can chat first.. No harm done in chatting..


I'm surprised nobody else stepped up to the challenge and I'm the only prospect thus far. I know there are many good traders on this site. But I also know there are many more who simply don't believe this can be done.. For those that don't believe this is possible, you can visit a site called Deleted by bruceM and see a live trader do this in real time, his DOM is posted for all to see so if he can't trade, everyone can see it real quick. From what I've seen, most days he clears those stats and he trades with remarkable simplicity, as he reads price and levels only, no indicators. I trade very similar, but of course no 2 traders approach the market exactly the same. I also post my market read and trades in that chat room in real time for everyone to see that its very doable to read the market with remarkable accuracy. I can't say that I trade as well as I read the market since many variables come into play but 2 pts/day/contract is very well within my reach at this time on a fairly consistent basis. Its not uncommon for me to achieve 10-20pts/day on 1 contract given that the day offered range. Generally, I don't do as well in tight range markets simply because I wont take the trade, its just not how I trade.. I assess every trade for its potential range and if I don't see it, I don't take the trade. BTW - My method cannot be automated into program trading because I have a combination of market bias/price reading/time factor that I believe cannot be programed. Just some information about me and the way I trade.

However, just as you find it remarkable that I won't give you my private information after a few emails exchanged, and we're talking about 2-3 2 sentence emails, I find it just as remarkable that you won't speak with me live so we can understand where each other is coming from better. Why is my private information so important at this time? We're not drawing up legal contracts, we're simply trying to understand expectations.. You say there is usually a reason and the reason is we've never even spoke and I know nothing about you. What other reasons might cause you concern? I can tell you several people on this site knows who I am.. Anyways, I've reached out several times so if you are really interested to take this further, I'm easily accessible.

I hope you and everyone here have a good weekend and always have lots of fun trading!!


I deleted your reference to that site as it seems that you are pushing people to go there and it doesn't get the two of you closer to forming some agreement as per the intent of this thread.

Lets stick to the issues please as all are waiting to see how this plays out.

best of luck.

How 'bout an online skype "Beer Summit?" Just two guys vid-chatting in front of the computer with each other. Flavor of beer can be negotiated in advance for each party (ample supply on hand nearby in case summit lasts beyind a pint). Initial focus is to get to know each other and develop a comfort level. Then address the general ideas about funding and trading.

"Beer Summit II" would be to delve into more specifics toward nailing down particulars for making this happen ... and to further develop a "relationship."

I'll cover the beer!

Ps. May sound like a joke, but I'm serious.
yeah...great idea MM....a good ice breaker..
Again I need to say that its me. I run my own business and I live in a performance based world. So I have to make decisions everyday on how to allocate my time. I'm not always right, but the decisions are based on my experience.

I consider the 2 point challenge me providing other's with an opportunity.....kind of like a job...not, but kinda. And when I provide an opportunity, supply my contact info and ask for anothers, I would expect a motivated individual to supply it, pretty dang fast. Since that didn't happen, I moved on.....not too much judgement about it...no time...just moved on.

The above email and VDO only serve to validate my initial decision.

I still think the 2pts/day is a good challange....but we should probably leave it alone for right now.
Ok Grednfer.. I'm sure "business etiquette" and a serious disposition is a tell tale sign for trading ability. Also I'm sure good traders are always eager to trade OPM regardless of the terms.. and what's a few weeks of trading an extra DOM as I trade my own.. The ball was clearly on your court. I don't agree with the rationale but I'll respect your decision.

I am interested but dont believe your methods alone would be enough