Looking for trading partner for ES on profit sharing basis


I'm looking for an experienced ES trader who trades ES using pivots and fibonacci S/R lines with tight stop loss (daytrading).

I'm looking for someone who can make atleast 25 points per Week.

I can share 50% of the profit made.

If anyone is interested please PM me, we can talk.

Originally posted by grednfer

Do you know how much it would cost me to build and coordinate the testing and changes. Algo engineers make $300/hour.......

Basic maths ... a "standard" work-year is 1,700 hours, multiply by $300/hour = $510,000 / year.

I have yet to meet the 1st engineer making that kind of money.

It seems to me that you are just fishing for ideas. It doesn't even sound like you have any live automated system.
Dom.....and because you haven't seen it means it doesn't exist, right?

And yes I am a fisherman....its hard to catch if I don't fish.
hi i m a trader .(day trades only)
profit 5-20%max per session
loss 5% max per session
if intrested [email protected]
I am interested but dont believe your methods alone would be enough