ES Thursday 1-5-12

A quick look at the nice balance we have heading into Thursdays trade. This is a view of all session data for this current week. Note the nice balance and peak volume at the 1271 area and then the market has extremes about 9 points away on the upside at 1280 and also 9 points to the downside at 1262. Lets see what the 8:30 reports bring our way.
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2012 01 050949
peak volume at the lows should be good for longs like yesterday..remember pitbull only goes for 1.5...will post link later Chris..
textbook today...air filled...what more can we expect? don't be greedy
that was awesome to watch bruce...well done
Good stuff Bruce. thank you.
the classic pitull trade was to buy the minus 4 number after the minus 5.5 hits....low today was tick shy of the minus being that close you need to decide if you wanted to buy the 61.5 number on the way back up....we had nice confluence with that overnight low...most know I trade a revised version of the pitbull using order flow..

seems like this market will be in trouble if we get a 10:30 close under yesterdays lows and the overnight lows
down below gap fil is at 1253?
thanks gang...hope that makes most I try to incorporate some simple ideas with the key ranges so my brain doesn't freeze up while trading
trying one more small long at 60.5
classic pitbull would go for 63 even as that is one point up above the minus 4 number...lots of volume down here...error on fill price posted to u ....61.25 was i was late to this long
thanks bruce have great night