ES Thursday 1-26-12

Looking at 29 - 31 as a potential resitance zone as we approach the 9 a.m time frame...then I have the 21- 22 area as first real support ..below there is the 16 - 17.50..

biggest support zone will be the high and low volume combination down in the 1311 - 1313.50 area from yesterday

as usual we will see what the O/N ranges finalize at and where our pitbull numbers fall
yes there is.......air is really only single prints but on smaller time frames...let me know if u need more of an explaination
Sorry I mixed the numbers, shouls say: betwee1325.25 and 1323.75
also air at 21.50 ...and 22.25
I think I got it now, I wasn’t sure if "air" can happen on the down side , I was under the impression it happen only when we go up,

all the examples you showed us in the past were when the market was going up it will be a good idea to download one example like today to show “air” when the market is going down
Thank you very much for your response, I greatly appreciate it
good idea..probably because I am a better seller than a buyer....hence the short trade examples to taget air pockets that have formed below my entry
seems a bit early for this decline...yesterdays closing vwap at 1313.75 and weekly open and volume from yesterday at 1310.75...

so we owe it to ourselves to attempt small longs now
agressive and small at 12.50...they may be on a mission for that weekly open...just trying small quick ones...we are obviously trending down so don't want to be TOO stupid about this
they don't usally just blow through vwap after an extended move down...thinking that lots of selling may be used up just to reach vwap from yesterday
trying to get to 1315 but have little patience here.....bonds close in 27 minutes...
that was my lucky trade of the day and didn't amount to low volume areas we want to see immediate rejections and spending time in a low volume zone is not the best thing for longs

I'll try only one more long if we make new lows into that 1310.75 number...this would create yet another set of single prints..

I beleive we are starting the topping out process short term as I mentioned yesterday....

Nice to see the ranges opening up a bit...any longs are obviously high risk as we will also be holding under the Overnight low
yes..that and just the plain old bar charts that you can get from the site...I don't use this site specifically but I will look at it to confirm my data when needed