ES Thursday 3-8-12

here is how my low volume numbers look on the down side. Above these I would be using 72 and 77 . Not shown. most interesting area is the BAND of low volume at 53.50 - 57.50.

We have a weekly open and weekly pivot at 1366. We have a daily r1 level at 56. Virgin VWAP at 69.25, 62.25, 50 and 44 ! Using March at least until noon
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Once we get the 8:30 reports out of the way we can dial it down and as RTH opens we will have the completed O/N range to verify our numbers.
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Jedi, got long Cl at 106.10 and out 107.
what time frame do you trade off for Cl as it it can be very choppy?

I trade CL the same way as ES with some variations but I use the daily/60/15/5/1min chart as well as some MP, but MP works much better on ES
Thanks for your input Jedi
Jedi I posted the vote down. Inputting ideas and levels prior is great. I dont need to see after the fact winning trades posted. I learned nothing by them.
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Jedi I posted the vote down. Inputting ideas and levels prior is great. I dont need to see after the fact winning trades posted. I learned nothing by them.

I didn't trade ES today at all today.. I'm not posting any trades but just gave you my approach.. I can't explain it with any more details than that.. Remember, this stuff took me a long time to learn so it cannot be summarized in a post.. but the general idea is there at your disposal.. I did the best I can and felt it was a generous post.. Play around with it and tailor it to your own method.. If it doesn't work for you, abandon it.. I generally don't post much but do follow the thread in between trades as I respect Bruce's work as it has helped me with my trading.. Although I don't trade like him, his concepts helps me.. I mainly posted to help faders avoid getting caught in trends which was my forte..
The deadline for being part of the bond sway is at 1 pm CST while the official announcement is scheduled for midnight tonight. Rumors are flying that 75% has been reached. How many rumors have been true from Greece lately
right now, again you see delta selling this off while price is advancing with bullish ADD/VOLD suggesting 65 to be taken out to the upside. However, VOL is low but this can change, hence I would pass on shorting this bell curve unless that pattern changes..
I turned charter joe onto the $vold a few years ago but I never followed through with studying it myself. Here is that link:

Jedi ...what would it take to convince you to post some charts either here or in the $vold thread with your understanding of the internals ? I know it is asking a lot but would probably be really helpful.

It seems that we can come up with certain combinations of the $vold, $ticks, ADD and CD that could help support buying at support or selling at resistance especially after they get the early morning range tests out of the way. Just a thought.

Even a new thread would be cool or on these day trading threads. Whatever works for ya. I think I speak for many when I say that understanding and applying internals is an art. I'm always interested in them even if they allude me.

I know some may snark at this but I meant to put up a here to buy IB, but was on the phone with another trader discussing CL.. My reasoning is on the chart.. basically, heavily oversold into a level with bullish VOLD/ADD formations.. further confirmations came from volume..
well this 66 - 68 makes us perk up a bit. Congrats to anyone who was holding long from below. I'd like to "see" u longs start to exit so us faders get get something done up here

Here's another view - why price was expected to go further... All the information is there when it comes, just take a little while to get a hang of it, like anything else..
Thanks Jedi.