ES Tuesday July 24th

ES set to open in the value area from Monday and the Overnight range is bounded by the day session value area too. Look to fade extremes and target the middle of the value area from yesterdays RTH session.

Above yesterdays Highs I have 53.50 and then 57 .
flat on the core...1 runner aiming for 39.75, the other for 40.75...stop at b/e on those
if the theory is correct then they should tag the 39.35 - 40.25 on this push
just to be clear, the 38-40 high vol area i mentioned referred to yesterday price action not today's...i thought that once we broke that area we could use it as a target, and indeed it worked...we have failed there on this push up

Originally posted by NickP

took a long at 40.25 based on the area mentioned above, aoff at 42.25 (air fill level) for a quick trade...didn't even have time to post, apologies...decided not leave runners but if i had they would have aimed for 45.75-46 area

better longs will come below all that volume in the 38-40 area i believe
stopped on both runners

Originally posted by NickP

flat on the core...1 runner aiming for 39.75, the other for 40.75...stop at b/e on those
nothing has changed for me so I took new longs at 35.75...nick, my runners were stopped too...hoping we can get the good push up this time into at least 39.25
yest peak vol (38ish) has been a good magnet and we haven't been able to go thru it from position now...hope it runs for u bruce...single prints at 39.75-40 could be the target right above last week's lows
my concern here is that IF that 36.25 volume was actually sellers then 3 -4 points below runs out yesterdays RTH lows and we know that inside days only form 15 % of the time
the other concern is that the first time they run out the IB and fail it is a good trade.....the second time is higher risk so new lows will not have me try the buys a third time
big orders at 36.25
i think there is an ok chance we take out yest lows and travel down to the 26-28.5 area, where i will try some longs....30-32 comes before that but i feel much better abt the former than the latter

i think ultimately we are gonna revisit the 19-20 area before all is said and done (not today of course !)