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ES Tuesday July 24th

ES set to open in the value area from Monday and the Overnight range is bounded by the day session value area too. Look to fade extremes and target the middle of the value area from yesterdays RTH session.

Above yesterdays Highs I have 53.50 and then 57 .
yes Lisa...we're trying to fiqure out better filters to determine if they are buyers or sellers? nice to c ya here today !!
39.25 is the minimum target if it is buyers and if it is sellers ( hope not ) they will push to at least 1333.25
bruce r u looking at the 1m bars to determine the the volume levels like 36.25 ?
my thoughts: with big orders at 36.25
1. if these were big buyers, they are going to take out night's congestion
2. if they were sellers, they ought to cover (this would take out the night's congestion

Bruce, this is the "no-follow-through" trade I wrote to you about
I have one runner left, entered at 37 . Did not hold others, because it is a downtrend day, so far and bad news all around: Eurozone, report, UPS...
that was almost surgical lol

Originally posted by NickP

yest peak vol (38ish) has been a good magnet and we haven't been able to go thru it from position now...hope it runs for u bruce...single prints at 39.75-40 could be the target right above last week's lows
again see big orders at 36.25
crazy!! lost all morning profit Thank G-d for stops
do you see any news?
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