ES Tuesday July 24th

ES set to open in the value area from Monday and the Overnight range is bounded by the day session value area too. Look to fade extremes and target the middle of the value area from yesterdays RTH session.

Above yesterdays Highs I have 53.50 and then 57 .
trying long from 26.50 now.....see if I can go get that 29.50 volume before they take me at 23
Bruce, I have old gap closed and old singles taken out at that level
fyi there was no china gdp number coming out...the number that came out (and that was at 10pm et yesterday night) wa the manufacturing number

the news that came out is what i posted abt greece needing further restructuring of their debt...scroll up and check out my post

Originally posted by Lisa P

China GDP contracted - that was the news. Slow to filter here
so long in at that level too 26.50
thanks Nick. I guess they just reported it on Canadian business TV
good trade, Bruce!!
leaving one runner on just in case they want to try for that 34 area per volume....stop is at 27.50 just so I can eat some lunch and this is my final trade for today.....a very good day...hope all do well if you are staying to play
thanks lisa ..I had a good area from July 12th down here
good trade bruce, was with you from 26.25, just could not post...answering some PMs and so on...28.25 and 30.5 were targets for me so flat now

that 26-28.5 area has been solid, but a trip down to 24 could be in the cards before the day is voer i guess, and below that comes that 19-20ish

everything worked beautifully officially done for the day...good luck
I just exited at 29.75 sign of volume now so holding this is just a gamble