ES 10-23-12

yesterdays low has attracted all the high volume in the O/N session so 1416 - 1417 is my first magnet price...then above is 1419.50 and 1422 - 1423...those are nothing more than previous weeks lows but price has been attracted there and volume is there so they need to be on the radar

below the On low I will be using 1406.25 in case they can push it that far but not expecting that today
flat at the 07.75...just lucky and now this brings up our long spot...gonna be even more selective due to the time of day and fading will only work for so long before we get smacked !!

I'd like to see some kind of volume divergence between these current 06.75 and the volume that showed up at 07.75 to get long
that was the long signal and I missed it due to exiting that will be fun to watch and see from here

I gotta go get my self a johnny walker red and head on over to OVER TRADERS ANONYMOUS !!

Too much trading today ! Luckily it was a good day...runners didn't work well but at least I didn't average into the IB low long trade that didn't work out today...most times it is better to take the loss and keep trying if given the proper signals
if we don't head below 6.5 then i think we will make new highs on the day from here
that would be cool Nick ..I'd like to see that...those double top traders are prime to be run out at 12.50....

the RATS in action...06.25 and 12.50 are rats!!
and there it is....too bad i am no trading anymore for today, but would have been a nice trade with defined risk

Originally posted by NickP

if we don't head below 6.5 then i think we will make new highs on the day from here
well Nick..the fact that nobody has a chart or is even taking a stab at my FT71 question leads me to think that there are very few of us actually following these threads actively and even fewer may be doing their own homework.

Thanks for contributing today!

judging by the reads it seems there are a lot of people actively following the threads, just not posting much
u may be right but it also seems to be misleading because every time we refresh our browser to see new messages it counts as a new " read" //at least that is the way I understand there probably aren't as many as we think...

I'm not really sure though...I'm just a poster !!
You guys were both on your "A" game today nice trading both of you