ES 10-23-12

yesterdays low has attracted all the high volume in the O/N session so 1416 - 1417 is my first magnet price...then above is 1419.50 and 1422 - 1423...those are nothing more than previous weeks lows but price has been attracted there and volume is there so they need to be on the radar

below the On low I will be using 1406.25 in case they can push it that far but not expecting that today
great timing bruce
flat at 09.50...not a clue from here but expect those 10.25 retests
thanks Nick..that volume was the clue for me and of course Market orders..
there's the vpoc flip..almost on cool how the volume that ultimately brought about that VPOC flip came into the market at 9:38 this morning...

It's true that there are only 3 -4 high volume spikes a day but holding to get those and using them for targets is sometimes a very hard thing to do...

U called out that volume early too Nick..u mentioned that 1410:50 volume that was building earlier today...nice call !!
thanks, unfortunately i did not have anything recently to profit from it ! in any case, it did show early for me as a big chunk of volume coming in so i thought i'd brought it up
if we can hit down into day session vwap and that Low volume area i will look for I need to see them get down to at least 07.75 before that hunt begins..not sure they will give us that one but we'll see
like him or not, FT71 had 1402 and 1409 before the days congrats on that....he seems like a good guy even if he does now run a brokerage...LOL

I'm not sure that my long term data is accurately displaying in Market delta...does anyone have a picture as to why he had the 09 and 02..?

My composite is goofy that far back into 9-06-12
same with mine

the only thing i can see from the sep contract is a gap (a la dalton) at 9.5 which would correspond to 2.5-3 for the dec contract at that time
that low at 1408.25 looks weak to me so I am taking small stabs short at 1411.25...not looking for those highs above 12 to run out and will try multiple tries up here again
this is sandwhiched now between that double top at 1412.50 and that 08.25...with the VPOC in the center..not a great feeling on this one and it is almost like gambling in this high volume spot

I thought that 10.25 was a magnet but DAMN...that thing is strong !!
You guys were both on your "A" game today nice trading both of you