ES 10-23-12

yesterdays low has attracted all the high volume in the O/N session so 1416 - 1417 is my first magnet price...then above is 1419.50 and 1422 - 1423...those are nothing more than previous weeks lows but price has been attracted there and volume is there so they need to be on the radar

below the On low I will be using 1406.25 in case they can push it that far but not expecting that today
1413.25 is current O/N VPOC....
the 61.8% extension of yest rth range sits around 408... i have a lvn marked around that area as well (from the sep contract adj for the roll) ....the -4 pitbull number is in the area as well so i have the 7.5-8.5 area as a first support zone if we break o/n lows
make that 7-8.5
cool Nick..hoping volume gives us a long signal down here soon
long from 8...tight stop as 4.5-5.5 is next for me below
i finished typing nd we were already at 10...flattening some there

air at 11.25 right above o/n low...two runners left, one aiming there, the other one at the o/n peak vol
I'm on the long at 09 and will try multiple tries down here...volume has arrived..just not sure what they are gonna do with it!
taking something off at O/N low and plan is to try and hold for 13 and then 16 ..they gotta get done with O/N low !!
the only volume from day session is at 1412.25 and 1408.75...the rest of this is filler
one runner off, only one left

bruce, i match those volumes that came in but i also see a very decent chunk of volume entering at 10.5, which is why i beleive we are struggling here to keep going up
You guys were both on your "A" game today nice trading both of you