ES 10-23-12

yesterdays low has attracted all the high volume in the O/N session so 1416 - 1417 is my first magnet price...then above is 1419.50 and 1422 - 1423...those are nothing more than previous weeks lows but price has been attracted there and volume is there so they need to be on the radar

below the On low I will be using 1406.25 in case they can push it that far but not expecting that today
agree Nick..this O/N low is powerful today and I am concerned that we haven't hit YD RTH lows in the first half hour..this is coiled up if you look at 15 minute bars...I am lowering secondary target to 1412.25..
if they don't take 12 out soon i think we are headed to new lows
stopped on the last runner

Originally posted by NickP

one runner off, only one left

bruce, i match those volumes that came in but i also see a very decent chunk of volume entering at 10.5, which is why i beleive we are struggling here to keep going up
runners stopped ..will try again..missed target on that 12.25 by one tic...should have put target at OR low..will look again in the 06.25- 08.75 ...once again 08.75 is showing volume so longs from below will need to use that as a target first
wading in at 06.75 but this is small..don't want to get hit in a down draft
plan is to use 08.75 for initial exit
plan is to hold for VPOC test at 10.50 ...will only have one left after that test if it comes
runners stopped...will try once more down here but prefer to get long as close to 10:30 as possible in case they want to run the Hour low
perfect hit on the 06.25...see the fib grid thread for all the static numbers you could ever need trying again now at 06.50
here comes the 4.5-5.5 area i mentioned earlier

1.75-2.75 below that
You guys were both on your "A" game today nice trading both of you