ES 10-23-12

yesterdays low has attracted all the high volume in the O/N session so 1416 - 1417 is my first magnet price...then above is 1419.50 and 1422 - 1423...those are nothing more than previous weeks lows but price has been attracted there and volume is there so they need to be on the radar

below the On low I will be using 1406.25 in case they can push it that far but not expecting that today
damn, hit but no fill at the single print area...not too worried since i'm talking abt runners here, and stop is 2 ticks above b/e...but i still hate it when they do that...seems they know where my little offer is lol
runners stopped at 05.75..flat now...
04.25 - 05.25 has all the volume and VPOc is now place for entries IMHO..I think that single print will fill in Nick but no good lower risk entry down here...if we can get down to 03 then I will think long again..otherwise just gonna stand down! runner off lol....the other one aiming for 8.75

good day today except for that quick loss i took...but give and take the areas i had marked down worked well

i think 94.5-96.5 will be tested soon (not today) but the next few days
stopped on the last runner at 5.5
4 key areas for me to hunt trades now

1408.75 - 1410.25 the 10.25 is the highest one minute volume spike of the day and an obvious attractor now..perhaps too obvious

1404.25 - 1405 this is second biggest volume spike area today

1413 volume from open print

1416 - 1417 - YD low and overnight magnet price that has failed me so far
I'm anticipating a vpoc shift up to 1410.25 soon and the only way that can happen is if we pass by there multiple times or some big vertical volume comes in..bottom line is that 1410.25 is the current magnet
agressive short off 1412
u know what the magnet is....good volume on that entry..1 runner will try for 08.75 but nothing left after that

agressive in my world equals SMALL !
that was the best volume since 10:45 !!
You guys were both on your "A" game today nice trading both of you