Tues 5-7-13

here's what I'm looking at today
No video below? Try this link: tuesdaymay.swf

will be using 16.50 - 18.75 as first sell zone today...then 23.50 - 25 above there
selling off the 18.75 ...this is second try on short today..the plus 2.5 was up there....no real confidence yet on the short side
taking something off at 16.25 print as it is open. r1 area and VPOC from O/N session..will try to hold runners for the 14.50 test of Value
final came off at 12.75..I wanted to get out in front of the ledge, O/N poc and the daily pivot of 12.50...combined POC from Mon and Friday was/is 11.50
some additional babble for anyone who is hanging out now
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_two.swf

sure seems like the market volume is drying up as we now try to move higher away from the extremes of the NR 4 day yesterday. The VPOC and vwap seem to be trying to align themselves which implies trade balance

I think many will be trying to sell above the VPOC at 1616.50 expecting price to keep returning and balancing there..

anyone else's crystal ball showing anything interesting now ??
my ball is still saying up..reason is my trend indicator..its made up of the 22ema and 50 ema..i pretty sure u no how it works..by seeing the videos i guesss everybody is fine now? i find it funny too that no body of MP has anything to say even when u ask..
It's the fog in our crystal balls which may be the reason for the volume drying up. For what its worth... the fog in mine is light while others may show dark. Gray being safe.

I hesitate to speculate here because my past often proves to be very dangerous.

Really just checked in today... a little late, but I'm glad I did. I'll be watching the last video again... thanks!
the developing VA high sits at 1618.50 and I selling above there to target that 16.50 again....I'm trading light because the IB high or low hasn't been run out yet and we are so close to that IB high...
Thanks Bruce, even your ramblings are insightful....
Man it looks like i missed alot of action the last couple days. Been in Denver on a business trip. My numbers from here are such for tommorow:

My outlooks is obviously bullish, so my main buy areas are:
611-614. This area includes:
- Yesterdays low
- 5 Day VA Hi
- Last weeks Hi
- Tommorows S1

621--624. This will be my target, ill be very curious to see if we can push through the high's with any conviction.
This range includes:
- Yesterday's hi
- 5 Day hi
- Last weeks R1
- all time high

One of my favorite intra-day scalps is to short/long against overnight inventory to correct to yesterdays close. Depending where we move to in the overnight that could be a good quick trade as well. I like to see it move at least 20% of prev. days range, which isnt hard with av range at around 12.5 pts for the 5 day

If we can open inside of yest. VA im definately looking for those buys around 1611-13.

BTW i was pretty bummed out when monday didnt give me that island i was looking for.