ES 5-14-13

Only three main areas to Initiate from for me today and it will depend on the open to see which ones can be used

1636 - 38.50 - see yesterdays thread and now one of the daily pivot numbers is here too

1631.75 - 32.50...this is an Overnight POC and the upper edge of yesterday

1626.50 - 1627.75 - the multi-day POC and now the overnight VPOC as I type..also the afternoon pull back low

I no longer like the 1630 LVn because they have been running right through it in the overnight session

Look where your standard market profile Value areas come in today too for confluence...they are real close to these zones outlined

one last trade idea for me will be to see us open and immediately rally above the O/N highs....then I will look for a potential dry up in volume to revert back to our upper zone as an initial target.

No reports that I see on the menu

I need my morning Earl Grey !!
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_5-14.swf

Bruce based on your knowledge of the market you will get those trades back. Some of us may not based on our lack of understanding or how we view the markets even though we are looking at some of the same stuff. Thats the difference between a pro like yourself and us amateur traders.

I would think the market should get back to the 1640-1641 area sometime but when is the question?
That is always the tricky part Sharks...for me I was selling above that double tpo high again because I had the weekly R2 and that would have been the THIRD set of single prints...not a good probability up here

what I do when trying to trade back is I DO get out a bit more aggressively so I was trying to get out near vpoc as the initial target..

the thing where most make the mistake is they EXPECT it to just trend down after trending up...not holding for that 41 zone is so much harder

so far some good excess on the highs but I am only concerned with trying to take out some small pieces and then get stopped on runners...basically what I always try to do..

another thing that beginners try to do is they get obsessed with trying to make back losses....a newbie should just stick with the first 90 minutes and get good at that time frame...fading hopefully..then once they get good at that then work at trading outside that range ONLY when you have a trend in the morning if you must.

many would best to just close down after 3 trades that fail and come back the next day...hard to advise as this is an area that deals with ones brain and we are all wired so different

for me I'll be trying to sell above any highs that look like they are trying to make new single prints

all the volume is at 44.75...your fib extension !! so that would need to be targets on sells up here
look how they are trying to bring it back down from highs by 2 -2.5 points after each push up...47.25 to vpoc at 44.75..we need that to change and get bigger on the down see if we can get some POTENTIAL change

Point is that you can keep track from a high and measure down to come up with a potential area to cover if you had an ok entry on fades
41 - 42.50 is still the magnet and they know we want we may suffer.....interesting bell curve up here

this zone is single prints and an LVN below there...careful....
profile is "P" shaped but doesnt mean they are done with VPOC...that's my way of saying "scale out heavier on this test" and hope to get lucky for a further drop to the probability was only for the IB high test..