ES for Tuesday 6-18-13

Here's what I've got as levels. With the current exotic gyrations of the market, they should be taken with a grain of salt. But it's something to start with and compare to what you've got with your own analysis. Hope this helps!

1640-42 LVN / Daily R1
1637 HVN (zone)
1628 HVN
1621 LVN on 5day and 1day
1616-17 minor LVN and PASR level / Weekly Pivot Level/Daily S1

thanks bruce for the info
2 out of three shorts worked for me so far today but my biggest mistake was not taking more off on the test of the opening range high...I held on to three runner contracts to try and get the open print.....but the reality is that the opening range is more important than that SPECIFIC open print most days

if we are going to be wrong up here near the plus 8 and last weeks highs then the buyers are gonna try to push towards that volume/time at 44.50 - 45.75..I am not convinced we are wrong yet and it would be better to see last weeks highs get run out..

the probability is still here for the IB high retest..especially with two sets of single on the chart now..
hoping we will get the test here now.....what is cool about that is you can see those IB high singles fall right at the VA high ( close by)from all of those who use 2.5 - 4 point stops get shaken out when that VA high breaks...then after the stops get run the market comes BACK down as there was never any real initiative buying above the VA high it was only those exiting for losses on the fade of the VA high when we open inside the previous days value...

Last week Duck you asked for a chart and nobody helped you seems that there just isn't any interest here anymore and most would rather just take instead of spending the time to give back and help out others...perhaps that is the nature of the world..I'm disappointed but I know there are many other forums and chat rooms to hang out in so I don't fault anyone...

I think we had a good run but without any give and take it gets kinda dull..

Vpoc just shifted up so we should know soon enough if we are right or wrong up here on our fades
that was last spot to try the fade is up here above far 2 out of 4 trades I have no choice but to go for the fade with initial target of 3rd set of singles at 42.75

same concept applies..the level fails, they push it 2.5 - 4 points away and come back for the retest of the level....the question really is " just how perfect will the retest be ?""

so I am in from 1645.50 up here on the keys are 47.50 and the bigger one at 49.50
trying to get to 43.50 first..that would be 2.5 points off the highs if it holds..also in front of the last failure point of last weeks highs
that is how we like it...they are playing fair now...
Nice Bruce
It's amazing how THEY can push prices out so quickly and then fade them back into the breakout zone they just left.
bruce i think its a sign of the times we are in..this isnt the only fourm thats dead or almost..
there are still two sets of single on the chart and now a selling tail off a HVN zone...just in case some are trying to be a pig like me....we need to resolve last weeks highs again
some real comedians out there today...ha !!

47.75 is the swing high from the bell curve 5 - 31 and 49.50 is the VA high that day..the challenge with fades up here is that they seem to have digested the POC and vpoc from that day...that may become a support point and a good place to take a profit on the short if you get one working