ES for Tuesday 6-18-13

Here's what I've got as levels. With the current exotic gyrations of the market, they should be taken with a grain of salt. But it's something to start with and compare to what you've got with your own analysis. Hope this helps!

1640-42 LVN / Daily R1
1637 HVN (zone)
1628 HVN
1621 LVN on 5day and 1day
1616-17 minor LVN and PASR level / Weekly Pivot Level/Daily S1

thanks MM.. I voted ya up....perhaps one of only a few left here anymore..

I want to sell into the lower bell edge and the plus this 36 - 37.50...I will also sell the 39,50 VAhigh and selling tail...

Ultimately I think they will want to test 1621... I just don't know when...LOL !! as long as we stay inside the range of last week then that is a high probability and the 1618.50 too...both magnets
ya i am amaze how dead this place is..starting to think its me getting rid of everryone with my post
i never expect an open and drive two days in a row...I think us pitbullers will have our revenge I am expecting an open retest in the first 90 minutes today...

plus 4 has been hit
sells into this tail need to target 36.50 especially if the 50% of the day can stay there..only one of two things willhappen up here...

it will be a good sell and it will be easy....or

it will be hard , they will push out by 2.5 points and then come back to the 39.50...that would be the stop run
current high matches the On high..that isn't a good thing..much higher risk to stay short up here like that
much better to get that O/N high cleared out..revising lower target to 1637 first
this to me is just a stop run...anything over yesterdays highs will come back to that least I am planning for that with shorts
is there a gap in data at 1635.50? u can see it on the 1min and 5 min chart
failed short for me at that VA high...looking again up here 2.5-4 points above that VA high..IB breakout left single prints...a high pobability to fill those in..still thinking this is a fake out...last weeks high is nearby to lean on
don't have a gap duck

ib high would be second set of singles
some real comedians out there today...ha !!

47.75 is the swing high from the bell curve 5 - 31 and 49.50 is the VA high that day..the challenge with fades up here is that they seem to have digested the POC and vpoc from that day...that may become a support point and a good place to take a profit on the short if you get one working