ES for Tuesday 6-18-13

Here's what I've got as levels. With the current exotic gyrations of the market, they should be taken with a grain of salt. But it's something to start with and compare to what you've got with your own analysis. Hope this helps!

1640-42 LVN / Daily R1
1637 HVN (zone)
1628 HVN
1621 LVN on 5day and 1day
1616-17 minor LVN and PASR level / Weekly Pivot Level/Daily S1

that was twice the Ib up there two..nice confluence..I think we will see the IB retest but they won't make it easy on us..

my stop on last two runners is at high of current day and start of the selling tail is there...just no good place and no good risk/reward

no real clue and they could mess with last weeks high a long time....

just set it and forget it !!!
the only thing that has been a surprise is that there is no test of the IB yet...I thought they would make it difficult..taking small shorts now up here in the 44.75 area only because I don't like that double top ..but they do hold in lower volume trade...lets see this one work

c'mon 1640...lets all think hard and draw it down !!!
some real comedians out there today...ha !!

47.75 is the swing high from the bell curve 5 - 31 and 49.50 is the VA high that day..the challenge with fades up here is that they seem to have digested the POC and vpoc from that day...that may become a support point and a good place to take a profit on the short if you get one working