This spam from MindOverMarket was seen today in a chat that did NOT belong to MindOverMarket.com

(10:11 AM) prop trader: Good morning, I seem to be lost...I'm looking for the www.MindOverMarket.com Live TEAM Pro Trader FREE forum..with that adman Market Master who was on CNBC in 97.. I,m stuck long over night on their alerts for the post market on a few stock like CTSH, GRMN, AKAM, MATK and BCON, also short WFMI and ERES..... can somone direct me to their room?
I was previously under the impression that MindOverMarket was a reputable company that didn't spam. I see that I was wrong. It was posted twice in a PalTalk room so fairly obvious that it was spam.
I noticed the rooms in PalTalk named "Mind over Market", and checked on out...it was a stock trading room and no one answered questions about MP...I could be wrong, but can someone use such a well known name to draw peole to a chat room?
bladerunner: Unless the name is trademarked or registered I believe that you can. It needs to be proactively protected before you can prevent people from using it in any manner that they decide. By writing a book and titling it, in this case Mind over Market, does not protect the phrase "Mind of Market" and as such anybody can use it as they want. In fact, the Mind Over Market web site and company may be able to protect it as their own but would not be able to prevent anyone who has used it before to stop using it but will be able to prevent new users from using it in the industry in which they have protect it.

There is an interesting situation at the moment where O'Reily Publishing have issued a Cease and Desist order to IT@Cork for using the term "Web 2.0" which O'Reily have protected (registered I believe). "Web 2.0" is now a commonly used phrase in the IT industry and this is what is causing all the fuss - i.e. that someone has registered the name.
But that doesn't excuse Mind over Market from spamming other people's trading rooms. As soon as a web site starts doing that they lose all respect (if they previously had any) from anyone who has half a brain cell.

Spamming is a sure sign that the product that you are selling or the service that you are giving is worthless in this industry and that is why you have to resort to spamming techniques.