ES Tuesday 9-3-13

here are my zones to work from. I think we will see the 44.75 work today as a magnet especially if we open above it...It will be safer to see price get back or near 47 if we open above that number and drive out of the overnight high first. Key resistance is 51.75 - 53.

support is also at 41...the video shows why

poc of time is at 47 from overnight as I if you sell above On highs then that needs to be the first target..
No video below? Try this link: Tuesnumbs.swf

second video just added

No video below? Try this link: tuesday_high_strung.swf

correct Sharks...if I have a number at 44.75 and a number at 45.75 ( that midpoint) then I am coming out at the first one that hits as we never really know which one will trurn into even though the 44.75 was an area I thought would trade today I still want to use the closest numbers to scale out

I think the IB break will decide who will win the battle today....

if we break the IB high then the the 44.75 basically acted as support to go fill that gap up above.....and if we break the IB low then it would imply that the 47 - 48.50 ( That buying tail zone) was unable to hold prince up inside and we may ultimately see that 39 high of friday if they can digest that 41 area

that may be too logically though...ha !!

I'm still rouuting for the down side but am usually not loose enough on final stops ....I'd really like to get the 41.50 to print
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Well executed trading plan Bruce....I assume your scaling out at the midpoint of the o/n, well done
and nice call bkay on the 50 number.....u couldn't get that more perfect !!!
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and nice call bkay on the 50 number.....u couldn't get that more perfect !!!

Thanks but too easy, plus it was a good battle zone the week of 8/19
this is here it gets so u put your stop just outside that 44.75 high,,,? Seems too easy to u put it back above that 47 ?

I'd really like this retrace to stay under the 47.50....IB is finishing up now....and that area is 50% back on the day so far
Looks like sellers lost interest at 43.75, Thur VAH. Top of last weeks Balance. We may rotate
I went flat at 46.25
I have no interest now until one side of the IB breaks.....nothing for me up here even though I know they are watching that 47 low from's not worth the battle to me to play at a number that is also the overnight POC.....

it's just too crowded! good luck if you battle it out in here
I'm trying a small breakdown trade off the IB low for reasons mentioned above...41.50 is target
then will try to hold a runner for the 39 but the problem is that breakouts from the Ib often come back to test the ib low ( in this case)...

you know, the single pprint concept off ann IB has a high probability of being retested
oh forget those last posts...too quick and too late....taking all off at 40.50....please see my Ib concepts on the other page and why I thought this IB trade might work today and my comments regarding the 47 area...
now that NVPOC from 8/30 was taken out, maybe there is a chance to fill up that low volume area - 35.50 to 36.25 - a little bit.