ES Tuesday 9-3-13

here are my zones to work from. I think we will see the 44.75 work today as a magnet especially if we open above it...It will be safer to see price get back or near 47 if we open above that number and drive out of the overnight high first. Key resistance is 51.75 - 53.

support is also at 41...the video shows why

poc of time is at 47 from overnight as I if you sell above On highs then that needs to be the first target..
No video below? Try this link: Tuesnumbs.swf

second video just added

No video below? Try this link: tuesday_high_strung.swf

all off at 33.00
high odds singles at 36.25 will be filled in by days end....unless some really bad news hits the wire.....for me I am looking from 32.75

may take some heat around close gap fill
nice bkay !!
My next support is 31.50, also prominent POC Fri
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nice bkay !!
Thanks I appreciate it.
this push under the last 30 minute bar was/is the third single set of prints forming..
using 36 as a target....keeping in mind the bracket test concept too
we'll give them the 41 that they didn't retest but it seems illogical to blow through two areas in a row without testing at least the 35 - 36.50 is the second zone

so we incorporate that concept into that close gap and of course that beautiful POC that Bkay pointed out...and of course they are trying to form a third set of single that last push was a good area to try from

the true value of a forum is stealing all these ideas and coming up with a away to trade making them your own in a style that suits your personality....

I'm not convinced they are gonna just let the POC traders have their way so easy...but still think the 36 retest will to take something off in the zone just in case....the 35 was the actual number we had on the chart today but that single print is there now too
those highs that sit above this current bracket seem like the logical bracket high to test the downtrend...let's see if they open this next bracket , push down a bit and then take out that bracket high...

if we all think hard we can make this happen !!!
This looks like it's got a good chance, unfortunately I gotta go. I'll keep a good thought though.
now that NVPOC from 8/30 was taken out, maybe there is a chance to fill up that low volume area - 35.50 to 36.25 - a little bit.