ES Tuesday 9-3-13

here are my zones to work from. I think we will see the 44.75 work today as a magnet especially if we open above it...It will be safer to see price get back or near 47 if we open above that number and drive out of the overnight high first. Key resistance is 51.75 - 53.

support is also at 41...the video shows why

poc of time is at 47 from overnight as I if you sell above On highs then that needs to be the first target..
No video below? Try this link: Tuesnumbs.swf

second video just added

No video below? Try this link: tuesday_high_strung.swf

I just added second video above to show more of an MP perspective
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Originally posted by bkay59

Here are some levels I am watching.
1654.00 Upper Gap fill
1650.00 Big round number and LVM
1641.25 LVM
1639.50 Friday High
1636.00 LVM
1632.75 Lower Gap fill.

I use these as support/resistance areas on which to base trade ideas.

Market currently 8:37 est @1646.00 The 1645.00 area looks like a magnet (to me) Bruce's analysis would probably be better.
ONVPOC 1647.00
selling above the On high in RTh...that is my battle for the 47 first

being careful as we have lots of open and drives the last week
Following based on actual Open, not last trade at 9:30
for your entertainment purposes only
measured to FRIDAY's settlement

ESU13.D...............TRADE DAY: TUESDAY, 9/3/2013
GAPS Measured to 4:15pm Close

Today GAP UP was 13.75 points.

GAP FILL = print of 1632.75

Half Gap Fill = print of 1639.63

Half Gap extension UP = 1653.38

FULL Gap extension UP = 1660.25

Gap Traders often risk a move of half the gap away from the Open
and still hold short for the full gap fill.
Half Gap extension (pressuring the shorts) means watch 1653.38
for signs of BUY STOPS being Hit.
Some Gap Traders will risk FULL gap extension before buying to exit short.
That means BUY STOPS could be triggered ABOVE 1660.25
critical to get back into the 47 and lower otherwise our runners will get no luv again
that 47 is gonna be our battle zone....always best to come out heavy into a first really seems like it doesn't matter what type of day or how many contracts you have on......

just take most off at your first target and then try to hold...

midrange of O/N is my seondary target and then the O/N low...
45.75 was midrange print...
Well executed trading plan Bruce....I assume your scaling out at the midpoint of the o/n, well done
now that NVPOC from 8/30 was taken out, maybe there is a chance to fill up that low volume area - 35.50 to 36.25 - a little bit.