ES Tuesday 9-3-13

here are my zones to work from. I think we will see the 44.75 work today as a magnet especially if we open above it...It will be safer to see price get back or near 47 if we open above that number and drive out of the overnight high first. Key resistance is 51.75 - 53.

support is also at 41...the video shows why

poc of time is at 47 from overnight as I if you sell above On highs then that needs to be the first target..
No video below? Try this link: Tuesnumbs.swf

second video just added

No video below? Try this link: tuesday_high_strung.swf

c ya bkay.....we now have a double top up against single somebody is manipulating this long as that formation sits above then I will be still picking at longs under the 32.50 level.....

I seem to be taking a liking to the 31 - 32.50 level.....still no retest of a bracket high...they know what we want for our runners but won't give it up

playing it small as this is not a great time to trade
sometimes I actually think the market itself is reading my posts....especially when they torture me.....

value is still higher than friday and we can't seem to crack that POC too much..that is the only positive I see..I'd like to see a pop up before 2:30...then I gotta run too..all these double lows are showing no buying impules...
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c ya bkay.....we now have a double top up against single prints....

and now, a soon to be broken triple-top formation!
normally i don't like trading at well formed POC due to their magnetic properties...always better for targets but given all those single and double tops I think this is an exception

I'm on my third try in that lower zone and can't get more than 1.75 points out on a trade...I'm hoping this last one tic new low is the one that finally runs us up into the 36 LVN/singles.....this is it for more tries from here ...
I'm hoping u r right on this try stockster......gheeesh ...tuff area up there
now that NVPOC from 8/30 was taken out, maybe there is a chance to fill up that low volume area - 35.50 to 36.25 - a little bit.