ES Tuesday 9-3-13

here are my zones to work from. I think we will see the 44.75 work today as a magnet especially if we open above it...It will be safer to see price get back or near 47 if we open above that number and drive out of the overnight high first. Key resistance is 51.75 - 53.

support is also at 41...the video shows why

poc of time is at 47 from overnight as I if you sell above On highs then that needs to be the first target..
No video below? Try this link: Tuesnumbs.swf

second video just added

No video below? Try this link: tuesday_high_strung.swf

looks like I covered way too early but the tip off was that last test up into the 47 number and then they came out to break the IB low...

so they actually did that fairly logical

I expect 41 to be tested because they blew through that too hard
picking at longs from the 35 - 36.50 zone...if our 41 is gonna print then this should be the spot to do it from
still no test of a previous bracket time framing down....I wouldn't be surprised to see them push just a bit under that current double low before that happens...

once again the ranges of the 30 minute are shrinking and possible "b" pattern
Went away for a while, prior to the news related sell off. That 36 area I mentioned earlier held, now forming that double low. I wasn't around to trade it. One more push through it may target the Gap at 32.75
in the back of my mind is the stat that 85 % of the time we return to the previous weeks close when we open inside the previous weeks range.....thanks Pau;l !!
On the short at 36.00 tight
will take some off at 34
1st target, will look for the gap
It'll have to do it soon, I don't want to see the 30 min flip
Pretty good chance we see 36-36.50 again, which will be first 32.75?
now that NVPOC from 8/30 was taken out, maybe there is a chance to fill up that low volume area - 35.50 to 36.25 - a little bit.