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ES Friday 10-11-13

levels I have
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Hello Kool....How are you?
I used to be known as PDQ, but could not get signed on with that, so I created a new username..

Looks like she wants 1703.xx....and more
probabilities also favor a retest of yesterdays highs but so far MY probabilities are not working...!!
Hard to say... i am quite sure at some point we will see the 2.618 from the 1640 low which comes in around 92-94...
I have the 90.75 working.....will watch 92.50 closely if they keep pushing...otherwise revising target is 88.75 first now
got tagged on that short from the 86.5-87.5 area for a quick loss...tick still holding above zero and there is an open gap at 92.5, which coincides with the top of that selling tail bruce mentioned in his video...95-97 is next if that 92-93 gives way
I don't expect them to leave single prints on a breakout from the O/N and YD highs two days in a row.....we'll see....hopefully this was the fake out to suck in the breakout players who won yesterday..
theres one test...the O/N high...let see if they can go get the high of YD without too much back and fill in the next target
Originally posted by koolblue

Hard to say... i am quite sure at some point we will see the 2.618 from the 1640 low which comes in around 92-94...

....ooops Redfield, i misspoke. 1693.50 is a .618 retrace of the entire correction, not a projection... didnt want to give the wrong info!
this 86 - 87.50 is the upper zone... a real pain in my neck....and it sure seems they are trying hold above it so far in the first 60 minutes...they really need to start working on that for this fade to work very well !!....IB range is now complete
there goes the day session high retest of YD....critical now....we may have buyers show lighten up and try to hold only smaller runners if least that is my plan...not forgetting my 81 probability but that is a long way off and lots to work through to get lucky for that probability
u2 koolio..c ya
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