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ES Friday 10-11-13

levels I have
No video below? Try this link: friday_part_one.swf

thanks for the reply...just trying to learn what the meaning of some of these structures tell us. thanks for being a great teacher Bruce.
glad to help DW...I really thought they'd try for the test of the 91.75 - 92.75....I have one runner but no place to put the stop....very difficult to trade a bell curve that is forming
It should close at VWAP below. So, Bruce you will get your chance at SP (91.75).
I think I'm gonna settle for this 93.25 now....I see where the RTH high is from's only a point away from there...
and look at where the afternoon swing highs from 9-26 that's me flat...I'll let someone else try for that single...hope it keeps running down for those who want it all !! I gotta settle for little bits
oh man...another lucky exit....classic resistance becomes look at those areas and see why it was best for me to not wait for full single....besides all that I have no place for stops since this ES wiggles in 2 point increments so much
forgot about the LVN at 93.50 from a previous balance area. need to refrain from using the words "should" and "will", i guess!
bruce, look at those two lines i had on my chart at 92.5-93...i was looking for that area this morning to sell into, so to me taht area is still important as the amrket just showed us

Originally posted by BruceM

I think I'm gonna settle for this 93.25 now....I see where the RTH high is from's only a point away from there...
one pic for the road...look at the "P" period highs from both 10-1 and 9-26.......the single prints that formed today blew through both those and then I got out because I thought they might turn into the better zone was really the highs of 1692.25 and least it is so far
Click image for original size
pull back
oh man..we are all reading each others minds today...great stuff guys !!
u2 koolio..c ya
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