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ES Friday 10-11-13

levels I have
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watching 93.75 area from 9/26
flat on last one at 95...looking for a short here

Originally posted by NickP

tough short imo...outisde the ib and to me that area was already tested so i tend to avoid second tests...95-97.5 and the low 1700s are next...

Originally posted by BruceM

thanks for the goood words and nice Long Nick....I'm tempted to sell up here in the 92.50 - 94 but gonna have to call it a day I think....

nice Nick,,,odds favor a retest of 92.50 - 93.50 so I am joining you shorts up here from above 96 ...with 97.50 to lean on...small !!...
Originally posted by Redfield

Hello Kool....How are you?
I used to be known as PDQ, but could not get signed on with that, so I created a new username..

Looks like she wants 1703.xx....and more

Originally posted by Redfield

Baby bull pointing to 96.xx atm...

Baby bull has it's #....The 1703.xx sequence is still active, but needs pullback first...
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Tho anything is possible like 1701.25 for instance, i tend to think 1698.50-1699.25 might be good for a few handles.
got in from 97, but this 95.75-95.5 is giving us is a hvn on the composite chart, so i knew this was gonna be trouble one way or the other...single prints at 94.75 below and then 93-93.5...all pretty tight to each other unfortunately

hate trading during lunch hours !

Originally posted by BruceM

nice Nick,,,odds favor a retest of 92.50 - 93.50 so I am joining you shorts up here from above 96 ...with 97.50 to lean on...small !!...
two sets of single on the charts so revising first target to 94.75
Nick, u read my mind
lol...i took a quick scale at that 95.75...tick holding above zero not good for sellers...will stop above current highs

94.75 and then 93 are targets for me...91.75 (second single print) and ibh area look so distant now

Originally posted by BruceM

Nick, u read my mind
that;s five higher lows ...expecting bracket low test soon...average price is now 97.50...
u2 koolio..c ya
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